Don't Think Nothing : Alex Traska speaks at Vision West Nottinghamshire College's Create Expo 2016

By Alex Traska on 20th Jul

On Thursday 21st July we join the line-up of speakers at the annual Create Expo to tackle the fear and frustration of creative block by sharing inspirational methods of escaping the creative vacuum employed by his team, the famous, the fabulous and the downright stark-raving bonkers.

Dont Think Nothing Mark Twain

Originally developed as a talk presented to East Midlands-based creative professionals in 2014 (then titled "Don't Fink Nuffink"), the people and projects we discussed have been updated to include things we've learned from seeing Grayson Perry speaking at Chatsworth House, the Helsinki Bus Station Theory by Finnish Photographer Arno Minkkinen and light hearted post-mortems of Makermet projects that didn't quite go in the direction originally planned!

Dont Think Nothing Bus Theory

We also take a moment to examine "creative theft" in a range of disciplines including music sampling, fashion and even porcelain design and how artists like Andy Warhol and De La Soul have challenged what it means to "copy" other people's work. We will also discuss how human beings develop new ideas from old, by bringing their own heritage, understanding and misconceptions into their interpretation of art produced by cultures different to our own. 

Create Expo 2016 itinerary

The Create Expo itinerary includes speakers from a wide range of creative backgrounds. Andrew Comb, a 3D Modelling professional with over 20 years experience, talks about realistic lighting and material design. Jim Kay, a West Nottingham College alumni from way back in 1992 and currently illustrating the entire series of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books for Bloomsbury, discusses the creative process of illustrating for film, television and publishing.

You can find out more about them, the other speakers on the day and general event information at :

The Create Expo is at Vision West Nottinghamshire College on Thursday 21st July. Tickets are free, but must be booked via the college's website.

Further reading

During the talk we'll be discussing the work of various creatives, and referencing some great sources of amusement and inspiration. For those who enjoyed the talk and wish to know more, try visiting the following places...

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Katie Eary - Fashion Designer : Twitter Profile

Grayson Perry - Artist & Broadcaster : Twitter Profile

Dominic Wilcox - Variations on Normal : Twitter Profile

The Helsinki Bus Station Theory : The Guardian, Oliver Burkeman, Feb 23rd 2013

The BBC Radio 4 Reith Lectures - Grayson Perry 2013 : Episode 1 - "Playing to the Gallery"

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