What we do

Marketing & Communication

Develop awareness of your brand amongst new customers, whilst retaining your existing customer base. Work with us to define your marketing objectives, launch creative campaigns, monitor response and refine your digital marketing strategy.

Campaign Strategy

Consider a variety of approaches to reaching your potential audiences, by developing a thorough understanding of your customers and how best to use the resources at your business’ disposal. We can help you boost the impact of key marketing messages by linking campaign strategy with your original brand exploration.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Recognise the power of email marketing, by reconsidering its role in a content marketing strategy. Our management and analysis of automated e-mail marketing campaigns help’s clients develop their position as thought-leaders for a more gentle approach to engaging new customers.

Social Media Campaigns

Develop traffic, awareness and sales via social media by working with us on understanding where your customers hang out online and how your competitors are presenting their brands on social networks. We can provide creative content for your campaigns and arrange for people to deliver them.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Analysis

Acknowledge that customers and website visitors don’t always behave the way they’re expected to. Our visitor behaviour monitoring and reporting cycles can help you identify ways to improve sales, boost search engine rank, retain visitors and effectively allocate resources.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Understand what your customers are searching for, then put your brand and products at the top of their google search results, in their email inboxes and around their favourite websites. We can help you plan your keywords, budgets and your campaign strategy, whether you're looking to improve conversions or increase exposure.


Work with professional copywriters, with experience relevant to your business and your customers. We introduce clients to a wide range of copywriters who work within brand guidelines to produce copy for your print and digital marketing campaigns or within content marketing plans to author thought-leadership articles for publication.

“We engaged the team at Makermet to design and build our new website, which was delivered on time and within budget. Post launch, the team have supported us with on-going site enhancements, and technical insights as we continue to build our online brand presence and visibility.”

Caroline Boden
Marketing Manager, Echo

NHiS - Wilmington Insight

Consequent to our assistance relaunching their brand, we have continued a close and productive relationship with NHiS.

Offline, we have supported NHiS in the publication of national, academic reports on NHS services, the production of printed promotional materials for conferences and exhibitions, internal awareness and training campaigns. We also monitor activity on their website and contribute to plans for the development of their thought leadership campaigns and commercial objectives.

Crowdicity Idea Management

The groundbreaking Crowdicity ideas management platform has played an important role in projects run by the United Nations, P&G, Oxfam, BBC, NHS and many more globally recognised brands.

We worked with Crowdicity to relaunch their website with a bright colour palette, engaging illustrations and a CMS able to handle their busy blog and case studies content. Following launch, we assisted with print and digital marketing campaigns and customisation of their Salesforce Desk support portal.

Ark - Audio Technology Workshops

Running throughout 2014, the Ark audio project aimed to provide young, electronic music artists in the Manchester area with music production workshops and facilities.

Combining the clients creative ideas with our own, Makermet explored unusual approaches to brand identity development and launched a slick, minimal brand and website. We arranged artwork for signage and print campaigns, and explored a social media strategy focussing on users of the Soundcloud service.

We also do...

Brand Consultancy

Discover how to tell your brand’s story, whether you’re at day one or year 150. We can help you reach listeners inside and outside of your organisation, and shape the story they’d like to hear.

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Identity Design

Make the right impression by establishing a consistent visual identity for your business and products. Explore logo concepts, colour theory, print design, user experience, photography, copywriting, and more as elements of a carefully thought-out brand identity system.

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Graphic & Print Design

Give people a physical experience of your brand. The lack of permanence sometimes associated with digital media has made it all the more important to invest in impressive and creative print work. We can help you discover how beautiful graphic design and specialist print production can improve customers’ perception of your business.

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Digital & E-Commerce

Build solid foundations from which to launch your digital marketing strategy. We design and build B2B websites and B2C e-commerce solutions for healthcare, life science, hospitality, customer service and luxury consumer goods brands.

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